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- Playground in Eucalyptus and Osmo Pine Woods Pressurized in Auto Clave, With 12 Years Warranty Against Mold, Termites and Rotting, Painting in Ketol and Water Based Enamel, Galvanized Hardware.
- INCLUDED ITEMS: 01 Tower with Roof Type Grid measures 115 x 115 cm, 01 Suspension Bridge 125 X 80 cm, 01 Slide with Club Ramp, 01 Tic-Tac-Toe Game, 3 Swings (01 Cage), 2 Vertical Ladders (Straight and Curved ), 01 seesaw.
- Approximate External Measurements, 600 meters Width x 700 meters Length x 300 meters Height, 130 cm height from floor to floor, 135 cm from floor to side of roof.

House of Tarzan Playground

R$19,970.00 Regular Price
R$17,973.00Sale Price
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