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Some of our main customers
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Customer Testimonials
"Hello Claudio ! Good night ! It was a gem 💎! It is being put to good use. The children loved it ! Congratulations on the beautiful work 👍🤝"
Client: Vanessa Terres_ Porto Alegre _ 09/07/2019.
"Our square looks beautiful Mr. Cláudio, thanks for the excellent work 🙂, today was the premiere of the guys,   was a success!, Good night _ I authorize the BillyToys website to publish the photo of Escola Sonho of Children on your website!"
Client: Joanna _ Children's Dream School _ Gravataí _ 06/24/2019.
"Good morning Cláudio!!! I would like to thank you for the great service we had, from the first contact to the
delivery time of the playground”
Client: Mariana Marques - Novo Hamburgo/RS _ April 2019.
"Cláudio, everything is fine. The square was very beautiful. Congratulations on the product, service and installation team, excellent. Hugs"
Client: Edson LM Zingano - BR 101 Osório _ March/2019


“The little house I bought with you three years ago and still looks brand new. Thanks."

​Paulo Aloquio Avelar, Civil Engineer _ Vitória _ Espírito Santo - via Facebook on 05/21/2013

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