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- Specifications and Measurements of the Little House: Little house in osmopressurized eucalyptus and pine wood in autoclave, external measures on the floor160 cm wide x 220cm long, internal measures 160cm wide x 160cm long x 210cm high in the center, balcony 160cm wide x 60cm long x 40cm high, water-based enamel painting, three tone pink colors, 2 side windows, 2 front windows and 1 front door, 4 window boxes.
- Windows, Roof, Door and flower boxes in naval plywood.
- Warranties: 6 months for Manufacturing Defects_12 years for wood against Termites, Mold and Rotting, except naval plywood which is 12 months.

BillyToys House

  • Shipping and assembly will be calculated according to the delivery location

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